Lake Josi Fishing Report

Hi all,
First of all, a big thank you to Mike Phillips from Kingfisher for the crankbait samples, a new lure on the market call "Strike Pro". We have used a variety of the rattling lures already with great success. We will keep you in touch as to how they perform.
Fishing has been up and down lately. The weather can't seem to make up its mind, cold one day and hot the next day. Really playing with the water temperature.
WATER TEMP.: Been ranging between 21 degrees on a cold day and gets up to 26 / 27 degrees on warmer days.
AMBIENT TEMP.: Also ranging between 25 and 30 degrees.
The rain arrived on Saturday 5th Nov. The catchment area received heavy down pour and that has really brought the river down. The water has started to come down very dirty now so I think the trawling days a coming to an end in the river section.

Over the weekend of the 4th-6th we had really great fishing. Trawling with rattling crankbaits at quite a fast trawl resulted in a few good fish, one of 3kg and then a lovely fish of between 5.5 and 6kg which took my firetiger rapala rattle trap.

With the dirty water, bait fishing will be the order of the day but we will definitely keep you all informed as to what's happening as the seasons change and the weather settles.

Hopefully now that the rain has come, the wind will start dropping and allow more freedom to move around the dam where the cleaner water is.
That's about all for now.
Take care!
Craig Whittaker

Shayamoya Tiger Fishing and Game Lodge