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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 10:00:24 +0300
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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report

Kinfisher Fishing Report for the Last Two Weeks

The weather is hot, humid, sunny and dry. Winds SE, stronger in the afternoons, and seas starting to get a little lumpy.

Fishing.Billfish are few and far between now. Some sail still around and the odd Black Marlin, but the boats still fishing are coming back with giant trevally, kingfish, wahoo, dorado and the odd yellowfin. Seas getting a little rough in the afternoons as the wind from the SE increases. Neptune was out on Thursday and managed to get two Sail plus king and wahoo. Tina has been out twice this week and each time has caught three or four good Giant Trevally and some very nice kingfish in the 18kg range.
Boats are being taken out of the water for much needed maintenance.  SnowGoose was taken out on the 5th April and will now have to wait until after Easter to get any attention.

The release from Iranian detention of the fifteen Royal Navy personal must have come as a relief to many people, and of course to the British Govt. The statements they made later at the debriefing answered a few questions, the big one being how they were so easily taken cattive by the Iranians. It appears that they were surrounded by a much superior force, and resistance would have been futile. This of course raises another question: why are they out there in a war zone , in an inflatable boat, without some heavy back up. Perhaps they should take a battleship along with them next time: that should sort out the problem. The treatment these sailors received at the hands of the Iranians comes as no surprise, and they should not have expected anything better. So, who are the winners in this diplomatic row. Certainly Iran has scored points against Britain, and the Royal Navy has not come out of this very well; after all, it should not be possible for a boat load of sailors to be abducted on the high seas. This is the Royal Navy we are talking about, not some pissy 3rd rate outfit, and now they are all allowed to sell their stories; this is rubbish. The next thing you know some will do this on purpose in order to sell their stories. This move will not improve relations between Iran and Britain. And what about the costs incurred by the Govt. to secure their release. Perhaps any money for stories should repay Govt.

Catharina and I have just spent a few days with Adrian at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Vanessa and Russell with their family were also there, for those few days staying with Richard Moller so it was a partial family reunion, only Angus  and his two boys and Debbie's family missing. We were booked to return to Malindi on the 11 o'clock flight from Nairobi's International Airport, which meant leaving Lewa by car no later than 5 o'clock in the morning. The plan was for Richard  and Adrian to drop us off at the Airport on their way to Malindi. All went well and we were in good time, or thought we were, when we got to the Ruaraka round-about at 8.30 giving us 2 hours plus to get to the airport. Plenty of time: only a few kilometers still to go.  Well, we very nearly missed the plane. The traffic was unbelievable, bumper to bumper and hardly moving. We chose to go the Ring Road route, because the road to Muthaiga and Nairobi looked even worse fraffic wise. How business people can go through this traumatic experience every day of the week without going completely mental I can not understand. And what about the time and fuel wasted. Not good for a growing nation.

Russell has bought an Aluminium dinghy with a 15 hp outboard to do a little inshore fishing with his two young boys. So far not much luck, but this should not discourage them. Reef fishing can be tricky and may take some time before getting the hang of it. Russell was also kind enough to do two news letters whilst I was away, and to visit in the hospital, all the way from England. The advantages of being an Airline pilot, but I am told there are also disadvantages. Hope you start catching soon, as we need some good bait. HP