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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 25th November 07

Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 25th November 2007

Weather  Calm weather with light variable winds and morning off shore breeze. Full moon was on Saturday 24th November, but it has not brought any rain to us, maybe south and also north of us, appear to have had some good rain. Water temp. is around 84 F (30 C) which is OK., maybe a little high. Ambient temp. about 80 F but high hummidity making it a little uncomfortable, particularly when there is no wind, or very little wind.  The N.E. monsoon will establish itself in the next week or so, making Malindi Bay muddy and rough for the next few months.

Fishing Sailfish are still plentifull off Malindi and catches have geen good this week. In fact there are more sailfish than anything else at this time. Bonito are abundant just now and one can on most days get wahoo, kingfish and yellowfin but not in any quantity, you have to work to get a good fish. This week Malindi recorded 1000 sail from the begining of August to date, only from Sportfishing boats. The net boats have also caught a considerable number, but I have no figures for those landings. Watamu boats have also caught fish for which I have no figures, so perhaps a total of 2000 fish would be closer to the mark. Further north I hear that the sails are still taking well.
Tina had 4 sail on Tuesday, and Wednesday Neptune had 4 sail, and Malachite  released a bull shark of about 100 kgs. Saturday, Eclare got 6 sail, SnowGoose 3 and Neptune was trying some jigging, finishing up with 2 sail, 2 giant trevally, 1 wahoo, 1 kingfish, 1 big eye trevally, 1 kolikoli, 1 barracuda, and 15 bonito. Sunday was also good fishing, Eclare getting 7 sail and Neptune was again jigging, catching giant trevally and a variety of other fish. Malachite had 2 sailfish.
It looks like the N.E. monsoon will start up this next week in which case we might get some Striped Marlin fishing in the deeper water.

The England football team is a disaster. The players  themselves just do not seem to have any spark or fire to get that ball into the net. they appear to be more concerned in defending their own goal, unsuccessfully. Nobody has told them that the best from of defence is attack. I did not see this last game against Croatia but I did see some of the game against Russia. Dear oh dear. The Russians were all over them and I never saw England attack with a will. No spark why is this?? Well, I believe that by having no organised sports facility in English Govt. schools is one of the main reasons. There are very few English players who have reached international standards, so not many players for the luckless manager to draw on. Too many forgein players in the English ligues, so home grown talent never gets a proper chance. So whats the answer. We shall just have to wait and see what the big boys in English football come up with. Certainly the English team seemed to be lacking in commitment and confidence, and this has to be put right.
The Australian elections were held on Saturday, and John Howard was voted out and a Labout Govt. is in. Lets hope they do a little better than the Labour Govt. in the UK,. and dont start losing the personal details of millions of people. Frightening. The two computer discs in question must have been nicked, but I wonder how they will use the information. The new Australian Prime Minister does not look very inspiring to me, and is full of all this rubbish about a new direction and a fresh start. The reality will probably be increased taxation. Cuts in defence etc. I could of course be quite wrong. Time will tell. HP