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Subject: Kingfisher Fishing Report for Week ending Sunday 13.01.08

Kingfisher Fishing Weekly Report for Week ending Sunday 13th January 2008

Weather   Most days are calm and clear in the morning with the wind picking up dueing the day. New moon was on the 8th so we have increasing moon light nights with the full moon on the 23rd. Wind is NE.E., quite strong some afternoons/ Seas have been reasonably calm. Temperatures - hot. No rain so quite dusty.

Fishing  Still very good fishing: lots of sail mainly on the Rips and some Marlin appearing, not many, but more Blacks than Stripeys. Unreel did well on Thursday catching one Black Marlin, raising another and got a number of wahoo on a short day fishing on the banks.
On Monday SnowGoose had 4 sail, 3 wahoo and a dorado, fishing on the Rips. They raised a Black Marlin and a Stripey, but they never took a bait.. Eclare, also on the Rips had 5 sail and Neptune fishing a short day on the banks 2 sail, 1 wahoo, 2 yellowfin, 2 red snappers. Simba fishing on the Rips had a small Striped Marlin.
Tuesday, fishing on the Rips, SnowGoose had 5 sail and Neptune 5 sail plus yellowfin, wahoo and dorado, they raised a Black Marlin and a Stirpey, but they never took a bait.
Wednesday, Tina went North and fished the Mambrui area.big shoals of bait fish reported, bonito and frigate mackerel. They got a giant trevally, 1 kingfish , 1 dorado, 3 longtail tuna, and many bonito. The weather was good - quite calm - and the area looked very promising. Eclare fished the Rips, and had 2 sail, 2 skipjack tuna, and frigate mackerel. Lost many sail.
Thursday Tina went north again to the Mambrui area and released 1 black tip shark estimated at 50 kgs. They then got  1 bull shark weighing in at 98 kgs, 2 longtail tuna, and 15 bonito. Eclare fished the Rips again and had 3 sail, 1 yellowfin, a dorado and a number of frigate mackerel.
No fishing on Friday and  Saturday due to cancellations, and it looks like it will be the same for the whole of next week and beyond.
Sunday Eclare was on the Banks. Saw no Marlin, but got a big sailfish of estimated 40 kgs, and a good kingfish. Lots of baitfish. Seahorse got a Striped Marlin early in the day, but saw no further Marlin for the rest of the day.
So at the end of this week we still have a fair number of sailfish around, and sightings of Marlin increasing, particularly Black Marlin. If this trend continues - and there is no reason why it should not - then we can expect some really good fishing in the next few months.

The situation in Kenya right now is quiet, but Mr Odinga says he will hold peaceful demonstrations for 3 days next week, throughout the country. Experience tells us that these peaceful demononstrations never end peacefully. they nearly always erupt into violence. Kisumu in Western Kenya on Lake Victoria is virtually destroyed by Mr Odingas supporters, and yet this is Mr Odingas stronghold. Supermarkets and food outlets have all been burnt and all Industry is at a standstill. How stupid can you get to destroy your own town. Now I suppose they will want food aid from the Government or some other source of humanitarian  aid.  They will get it, and then continue on the rampage. Mr Odinga, you have gone mad with the lust for power at any expense. The very people that you supposedly champion are wrecking this country. This must make you feel really good, if you have any feeling at all. And Mr Kibaki, you Sir have completely lost the plot. Neither of you two gentlemen are true leaders, just power seekers.

Listening to Mr Brown - the Prime Minister of Britain - speaking on television reminds me of the old bren gun on rapid fire, but whereas I knew exactly what the Bren gun was saying, I could not understand a word of what Mr Brown was saying. Maybe that is how it is meant to be: nobody is meant to understand what he is saying. Its called the gift of the gab I believe.

I can not let this cricket row pass without a little comment. Harbajan Singh, the Indian spinner, is supposed to have racially abused Andrew Symonds by calling him a monkey, or that he looks like a monkey. The Australian team complained to the ICC who slapped a three match ban on Harbajan after talking to three of the Australian team, but nobody from the Indian team. The Indians, quite rightly, were upset with this decision and have appealed against it. Now, it seems that any dispute between different races is immediately classed as racial abuse. What rubbish. What if he had been called an elephant or a snake or perhaps a crocodile , would that be racial abuse. Harbajan was not completely wrong in my opinion. Andrew Symonds looks unshaven, has long straggly hair and when he puts the white sun block on his lips, he does resemble a monkey, but he can certainly play cricket. HP