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Dear All

Strong winds have made the seas off Malindi very bumpy since the last update. The wind has also stirred up the water which has turned the fishing off slightly. The fish are still there but the fishing is not quite like it was at the beginning of July. There have been a number of days this week where boats have seen up to six marlin tailing but they haven’t been coming up to the baits. I am sure that once the weather settles down the marlin fishing on the banks will hot up again. Although the marlin haven’t been playing ball other smaller game fish are still making a presence. There are still a few sailfish about and there have been a lot of wahoo showing. This can be really fun for beginners or not so serious marlin fishermen but when you are targeting marlin specifically they can be a real pain. One can spend up to four hours trying to catch a live bait such as frigate mackerel and no sooner when you do eventually catch one, and put it out a wahoo comes in and cuts it in half! You then have to start trying to catch bait all over again.
However, having said that the speed with which a large wahoo takes off on its first run is a site to behold and one which all fishermen never forget.
On the 30th July Neptune was out with Peter Vogt and Dr Althaus, they came out with Fishing and Adventures, a German fishing agent. They had a very good first day releasing a bronze whaler shark of 90 kg, 3 sailfish and 2 giant trevally. They also had 2 kingfish,2 barracuda, a green job fish and some bait fish.
On the 31st both Neptune and Eclare were out. Neptune with Richard Edwards and Philip and Nick Matthias had 4 sailfish, 1 wahoo,2 yellowfin tuna, 1 barracuda and some bait fish. Eclare out with Peter and Dr Althaus had 2 sailfish, 1 wahoo and some bait fish. The wahoo was foul hooked in the tail on a small bait rod and as you can imagine provided Peter with lots of entertainment!
On the 1st August Peter Vogt and Dr Althaus were on Neptune again and what an exciting day it was. The fishing for most boats was very slow but Neptune for some reason had all sorts of action. They hooked a very nice black marlin estimated at over 150 kgs on a live bait at around mid day. It performed spectacularly jumping across the ocean for all to see. The fish then sounded and started to behave in a strange way and didn’t want to come up at all. It wasn’t long before Angus and the crew realized that it wasn’t the marlin they were fighting anymore. The worst nightmare for a fisherman had happened; the marlin had been eaten by a bull shark. After another hour and a half or so the shark was brought to the boat and was weighed in at 185 kgs. It is highly unlikely that the marlin was eaten by the one shark but was attacked by a whole pack of them. Unfortunately it is one of those things we have to contend with at this time of year as lots of bull shark inhabit the banks waiting for such an opportunity. A very sad ending for such a beautiful fish. They then hooked another smaller marlin but the line parted after a few minutes. They added a giant trevally, 2 wahoo, 1 yellowfin and a dorado before returning home.
On the 2nd we had three boats fishing. Snowgoose on a short day had a couple of sailfish, Eclare had 1 sailfish and some bait fish whilst Neptune had an 80 kg bull shark and a number of smaller game fish. The fishing was a lot harder for all the boats today with the water turning much dirtier than it has been.
On the 3rd the fishing was still difficult with both Neptune and Snowgoose coming back with a sailfish each and some wahoo, kingfish and dorado.
The 4th was the last day out for Peter Vogt and Dr Althaus and once again fish were hard to come by. They did however manage to catch a giant trevally, 3 kingfish,3 yellowfin and a dorado. Eclare had a wahoo, kingfish and 2 yellowfin tuna.
On the 5th Neptune was out with Emiel Van der Werf and some of his clients from the sailfish club. Emiel is an avid shark angler and although he doesn’t fish so much anymore he has done many days in the past. He was a happy man today as one of his clients released a nice spinner shark of 100 kgs. They also had a good 20.5 kg wahoo, a kingfish and a 25 kg giant trevally.
On the 6th the wind really picked up and it made fishing very difficult for those that ventured out. SnowGoose out with Perez and Christine struggled and only managed a kingfish, yellowfin tuna and dorado. Eclare was out on a short day with Willy Potgeiter and family. They released a 25 kg giant trevally along with a kingfish and some baitfish.
Sadly we didn’t have any boats out on the 7th or 8th. Tina was out yesterday on a short day and what a day they had! She was out with Bill and Bo Rainbow. Bill was one of the founder members of Kingfisher Safaris and ran the photographic safaris side of things for at least five years. He was born here and went to school at the Prince of Wales in Nairobi. Along with Dad and Soren Lindstrom they formed Kingfisher in 1968. Unfortunately for Kingfisher and Kenya, Bill left for the states in 1974. He had been swept off his feet by one of his clients on safari. He married Lynn in Virginia in 1974   and has lived in Florida ever since. Although he lives so far away his heart is still firmly in this country.
   Back to the fishing. They only did a short day and released a good black marlin of 80 kgs and 3 sailfish. 2 kingfish and a yellowfin tuna rounded up what was a brilliant day.
That’s all for this week so until the next update take care.


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