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Not so many marlin during the last two weeks but other fish make up for that.

Dear All,
Another two weeks have sped by since the last update and although marlin have been hard to come by our boats have had some good fishing. Firstly I must apologize for dating the last update the 9th July instead of the 9th August!
 We continue to get the odd small shower of rain here which is enough to keep the grass green and settle the dust. We have had approximately 21 inches of rain since the beginning of the year, although it is less than usual it is a lot more than most parts of the country. Most places up country are experiencing water and power rationing which is making running a business very tough. People are starving and cattle are dying in most areas of the country. Reports from Tsavo indicate that wildlife is dying of daily. We can only hope that we have good rains in October\November to end this catastrophe.  

Only Neptune was out on the 10th and she caught 2 sailfish, 1 kingfish, 1 dorado and some bait fish. Her clients from Holland were keen for a shark but unfortunately they were not playing game today.
On the 11th Neptune and Tina were out. For Neptune it was the start of a five day charter for Greg Much from the UK. It was a good start as they returned with four sailfish, 1 kingfish, half a giant trevally and some bait fish. The giant trevally was unfortunately eaten by bull sharks and only the head was recovered. Greg was here two years ago at this time of year and experienced sailfish fishing that one would normally expect in November. He had days of 15 and 12 in a day and as he was fishing on his own I should think was quite happy not to see another sailfish when he had finished. Tina started a six day charter with the Dutton group also from UK and out here with Peter Petzers World Wide Fishing Safaris. They weren’t as successful but did manage to release a 35 kg giant trevally as well as a kingfish and some baitfish.
We had four boats out on the 12th. Neptune out with Richard Bell got a good mixed bag of one sailfish, 1 wahoo, 1 yellowfin, 1 dorado and some bait fish. Eclare and Snowgoose both had short days and didn’t manage to get any billfish but did get some smaller fish. It is a bit risky doing short days at this time of the year as the fish tend to come up a bit later in the day on the “banks” and quite often a quiet morning will turn into a busy afternoon. Tina on a long day had a sailfish, a yellowfin, a dorado and some small fish.
The 13th was a slow day all round and our boats which were out struggled. Neptune with Greg Much did get lucky at the last minute however with an 80 kg bull shark and a sailfish. Tina released another good giant trevally of 35 kgs and Snowgoose only managed 2 barracuda and a yellowfin.
On the 14th Tina with the Dutton party on board released a decent black marlin of 100 kgs and added a few small fish as well. Eclare out on a five hour trip didn’t have too much luck losing a sailfish and only getting a few kawa-kawa.
The 15th was a much better day. The Belcher brothers down from Nairobi were out on Neptune and they had a lot of action and ended up with an 87 kg  bull shark, 1 sailfish, 2 giant trevally, 3 kingfish, 1 yellowfin and lots of bait. They had a marlin on at the end of the day but unfortunately it threw the hook after a few minutes. Eclare was out on a short day with Andrew Hull and family and they had a good day too with four sailfish,a kingfish and some small fish. Three of the sailfish were caught together and caused total pandemonium as one can imagine!

It is funny how one day can be so different from the next. This happened on the 16th with the fishing going right off. Eclare and Snowgoose both returned with some small fish only and Neptune caught a sailfish and some small fish. Snowgoose did have two chances at marlin but unfortunately neither of them stuck and they had nothing to show for it. They did foul hook a turtle which gave Perez who was fishing a bit of a tussle. Luckily they managed to get hold of it when it came up for air and released it without any injury to the turtle or themselves. Unfortunately this does happen every now and again and rather than cut the line and leave the turtle with yards of line to contend with it is better to get it close and release it. I remember hooking a massive leather back on Eclare in the fin on 50lb line. I thought we would be struggling with it for hours but amazingly it was totally spent after 20 minutes and we released it successfully.
The 18th was another good day for Greg Much on Neptune. By eight in the morning they had released a black marlin and a sailfish. As is so often the case after an amazing start they didn’t manage to add any other billfish but did release a good sized giant trevally, 1 kingfish and 3 yellowfin.
On the 19th Tina was out on a five hour trip and did very well with 3 sailfish and a wahoo. Neptune was out with Guido Van De Steen who has fished with us for many years. He has proven to be quite a lucky angler and once again this was the case. They caught 5 sailfish, 2 kingfish, 1 yellowfin and 3 very good giant trevally. Unfortunately they had to boat one of 43.5 kg as it had swallowed the live bait and died on them.
Greg Much fished his last day on Neptune on the 20th. Once again they had a lot of action but no billfish. They released 2 giant trevally and a 20 kg grouper as well as catching 3 kingfish, 4 yellowfin,2 dorado and some baitfish.
There were no boats out the 21st. The 22nd saw Neptune out with the Belchers and Snark fished her first day of the season. Neptune ventured up north to see what was moving and found quite a lot of fish off the Mambrui/Che-shale area. She ended up with 2 sailfish, 13 yellowfin tuna, 2 wahoo, 2 kingfish and a dorado. Snark on a 5 hour trip released a giant trevally and a kingfish.
Malindi is still very busy with tourists but unfortunately fishing bookings are tailing off now and September is very quite. We hope to pick up one or two days but don’t have too much pre booked.
Looking ahead we are holding the Popes Trophy on the 12th December. Those of you who are interested to fish it please book as early as possible so that we are able to book boats etc. For those of you who don’t know about the Popes Trophy it is held every year in memory of my brother Alister who died in October 2000. The boats are chartered at a good rate and teams are drawn out of a hat to decide who will fish on what boat. Lines out is at 2 pm and a good lunch and raffle is held at the club. All proceeds go towards putting Alister and Debbies children through school. All support is greatly appreciated as we need to keep the Popes Trophy going. It was initiated by a lot of Alisters friends from Imani School and has been going since 2001. It is still supported by his friends and many others and we are very grateful for this support. Nefty, Alister and Debbies eldest is hoping to take part with some university friends this year.
Well done to Kenya in the just concluded World Athletics Championships. They did very well finishing in third behind the USA and Jamaica. They may have done even better if all Kenyans ran for Kenya and not for adopted countries such as Qatar and the USA. England has just won the Ashes series so I am sure there will be lots of happy Englishmen tomorrow. It’s a shame both events are over as they have provided some good viewing in the evenings.
That’s about it for this week so until next week take care.


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