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FOW Winter News Letter

Hi Fisher folk,

From a cold Foot Ball fever South Africa, no we have not been fishing too busy watching the foot ball just the final to go and Fishing Owls World congratulates South Africa and FIFA on a job well done we are proud of you.

Apologies for not sending out a newsletter for some time.  Yours truly ended up in intensive care for 8 days after being prescribed medicine that conflicted with my normal prescribed chronic medicines.  The hospital adopted a shotgun approach, costing me  R91,000-00.  Fortunately I managed to get out of their clutches before they sent me off to the big dam in the sky.

FOW would also like to congratulate the South African Fly Fishing Protea Team on their achievement at the recent World Fly Fishing Championships which where held in Poland and fishing was on one the greatest rivers the San River.  The Team made up of, Tim Babich (came 11th over all), Gary Glen-Young, Cameron Anderson and the two new kids Chase Nicholson and Christiaan Pretorious, the team came 5th over all the highest ranking the team has made in 9 years of fishing this highly competitive tournament, where amateurs funding themselves, fish against professionals fully sponsored with all the time to practise.

From a business point of view last year was a disaster and I decided to close down the fishing tackle shop. The complete contents with fittings and computer system which are worth about R600,000-00 at cost are up for sale at the bargain price of R250,00-00. F.O.R Boksburg.  If you are interested send me an e-mail to make an appointment. <>

The website which we do as a labour of love was neglected for a lot of reasons too many to mention, is now on the go again.

As always “may your troubles be small and your fish large and returned unharmed to our precious water”

Kind Regards,

Trevor Babich,