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Good morning all,
Another week has sped by at the blink of an eye. It has been another quiet one as far as bookings go but the fishing is still very good. Like the week before the wind is still blowing hard and the sea is pretty bumpy. Weather reports suggest that it is going to calm down this week which is normal as we head towards October. Again like last week we had a few very short rain showers but with the strong winds they don’t hang around for long.  
On Monday 13th Eclare fishing with fly fishing fanatic Con Jooste ventured up north in search of sailfish. We had heard reports from local fishermen that they had seen a lot of sailfish and tuna in the Che-shale area. They saw a lot of sailfish fining and had a lot of fish up to the teasers and managed to get one on fly.
On the 14th Neptune and Eclare were out. Eclare fishing with Con on his last trip did a short day and raised a lot of sailfish up to the teasers. They ended up getting one sailfish on fly and one conventionally. It brought to an end another very successful trip for Con with five action packed days. Neptune fished up north as well with Peter Hoffman. They didn’t see as many fish as Eclare but still managed a couple of sailfish, 2 kingfish, a wahoo and a tuna.
On the 15th Neptune was out with Ed and Kate Haynes. They had a good day with three sailfish, a nice kingfish of 10 kgs and some baitfish.
There was no fishing on the 16th so Mum had a well earned lie in.  On the 17th Eclare was out with a German couple who unfortunately didn’t take to the sea too well and after being ill for most of the morning called it a day. They are out again once more this week, so we hope they will feel better.

As the old saying goes, once a fisherman always a fisherman, so every now and again when I have had enough of the office it is a treat to get out to sea and see what’s going on out there. The excuse was that Snark needed a bit of a test run before we start to get busy, so the plan was to go out for a few hours to check everything is running well. As it was just to be for a few hours we planned to fish off Malindi but on arrival on the jetty in the morning the strong winds made us change our minds and we headed down to Watamu. After a slow start, it turned into one of those days that you don’t want to end. We fished up the banks and around the top end for a while but by 10 am only had a couple of kawa-kawa. We then headed out to the Canyons to see if we could pick up some yellowfin, and just before we got to the birds we had a strike on a ‘’halco’’(plug) which we presumed was a yellowfin. Abubakar, one of the crew proceeded to fight the yellowfin when it turned into a black marlin and began greyhounding all over the place.  
I have never seen the mood on a boat change so fast, the speed everyone was moving at changed somewhat and there was a lot more shouting to say the least. Sadly the fish came unstuck after a few more jumps. It was the first marlin I had ever hooked on a halco\rapala and would more than likely be the last. It is rare to get billfish strikes on them and those that do invariably fall off. Even though the marlin fell of it was good to see one again. Once we caught up with the yellowfin we got five or six before one we were bringing in got taken by a shark. After fighting it for half an hour or so, we parted company.
It’s quite remarkable how one can live bait in that area and not have a strike, but hooked tuna get nabbed all the time. The tuna got rather difficult later in the morning and we spent over an hour chasing them around the ocean with no results. We had just gone through one shoal after eventually catching up with them when the halco on the planer went off. I couldn’t believe my eyes when out the water came another black marlin. This one was much bigger than the first, and it proceeded to jump all over the ocean. With Abubakar on the rod again God was on our side this time as the hooks held fast. We followed the fish quickly as it was on small hooks and after half an hour or so it was by the boat. I noticed Adi had a reel bag, where gloves should be! He had forgotten to ask for gloves, I suppose that is the exact reason why we do test days! Luckily it was a quick release and there was no handling of the bill required, if there had I don’t think they would have forgotten gloves again. It was a lovely fish around 100 kgs and in prime condition.
We then headed back onto the banks which was alive with fish. Yellowfin and kawa-kawa were jumping all over the place and the birds were having a field day. When the banks are alive there is no place like it. In an hour we had nine wahoo and missed a few more. By three o clock, we had done enough testing and it was time to go home.
   As we got back onto the mooring I said to myself, it wouldn’t be too long before more of the boats needed some testing! It also brought back memories of when I used to skipper Snark. She really is a perfect boat for day fishing and although she is a bit slower than the other boats, she is a very comfortable boat to fish on.  

The Kenyan fleet of boats that went down to the Latham Island tournament is on its way back and they should all be here by tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t got all the results but I do know that they didn’t do as well as last year and Tanzania got their revenge with Natasha taking top honors, with two striped marlin on the second day. Simba was the top Kenyan boat in second place overall, with one striped marlin also on the second day. The fishing was tough for everyone. On the first day quite a few wahoo and tuna were caught but there were no billfish landed. The second day was totally different with five marlin caught. Considering there were twenty four boats in the competition it shows how tough the fishing was. Even though it was tough fishing a lot of fun was had by all and I am sure there will be a number of boats going down again next year.
That’s it for another week.
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