FOW Newsletter March 2007

Dear fellow anglers,

I probably know most of the objections to social anglers joining a club.

This is actually to your disadvantage because you then have no representative say at Government level. Only the clubs affiliated to a province and then their respective body have a say in legislation drawn up affecting anglers.

To give an example, the dept of Water Affairs and Forestry are going ahead with legislation entitled: The use of water for recreation" The only consultation that has taken place is with delegates from club controlling bodies.

This is as short sighted as holding a wedding reception without sending out invitations.

The legislation will go through and could be to the detriment of all social users of our water impoundments and rivers.

Agreed you do have conflict in clubs, mainly on the competitive side but there are many clubs that also cater for the social angler.

One of the main benefits of these types of clubs is that the top anglers are usually more than happy to pass on their expertise, which will assist you in catching more fish with the right tackle.

The Government decisions are made on numbers and the total number of social and recreational anglers far exceeds the competitive anglers.

Consequently decisions are made on the advice of a tiny minority sometimes to the detriment if the majority.

This will also affect the amount of money allocated and facilities made available to the angler’s detriment.

Unfortunately the non fishing public is of the opinion that fishermen only go fishing to get drunk because their wives will not allow them to drink at home. This applies to a small minority but all anglers are branded with the same brush.

This also impacts negatively when sponsorships of all types to the benefit of angling are applied for.

When anglers complain about the fast deteriorating condition of the countries waters they are ignored because the authorities do not have a clue as to the major contribution angling makes to the economy of the country.

We all rightfully complain about the crime situation in the country and the most important way of reducing it is through job creation and angling creates does this and will create even more jobs when the previously disadvantaged section of the population takes up fishing.

The Vaal river system is deteriorating at an alarming rate and will soon turn into a cesspool like Hartebeespoort dam.

Fishing Owl Has made numerous attempts to get the powers at be to get a reputable organisation to do an in depth study as to how much angling contributes to the future of the economy without success.

The only way a survey will be done if there is sufficient recreation anglers’ joining clubs.

Tight Lines,

Trevor Babich,