FOW Newsletter October November 2006

Dear Fellow Anglers,

We have been extremely busy getting information for the WC section of the
site. You will see the new logo at the top of the homepage. Any input about
water pollution would be appreciated.

Anglers moan and groan about the deteriorating situation of our rivers and
dams. They write articles to angling magazines. All they are doing is
talking to the converted.

Fishingowl is getting as much info as possible together and then sending it
to all Government and Provincial departments concerned with the nations
health, tourism, watersports and the 2010 World soccer cup.

The message will be quite clear and that is unless the authorities take
immediate and drastic action to rectify the situation we will send out the
details worldwide in the form of a warning to anybody who intends visiting
this country not to participate in any form of water related activities or
to drink the tap water in the smaller towns. We have listed the waterborne
diseases they could contract on the site.

In short, we are going to blackmail the idiots who's only claim to fame is
to stand on their fat arse prior to an election and make false promises.
They then go back to sit on their fat arses and some even scheme how they
can get their sticky little fingers onto the "gravy Train"

We at Fishingowl had to think long and hard about our actions because they
could be to the short term detriment of the economy and the resultant job
losses. We have come to the conclusion that it is no good just getting
involved in dialogue with the powers at be, they just roll over and go back
to sleep.

The reports that will go up on the WC section of the site will be pragmatic
factual and emanate from impeccable sources.

Newspaper advertising revenues are declining and if pollution spills are
attributable to one of their clients they do not publish.

Fishingowl does not have any major advertisers and we will name and shame
any body or organisation that is contributing to the "ticking time bomb'
The longer the problem continues the more the damage to the country and the
health of its people. As webmaster of Fishingowl I do not give a continental
damn as to who's feathers I ruffle.

Back to angling it is advisable for all anglers to have a Hepatitis B
injection before venturing anywhere near our dams and streams. Also look out
for the symptoms of e-coli on the site. The levels in some of our waters are
millions above the World Health recommended levels.

Take care,

Trevor Babich,