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Hi Everyone!
Once again we have come to the end of the season. With the fish arriving a bit late this year we still did manage to get into some good fish for everyone.
We would like to thank everyone who fished with us this year n apologize to all who we couldn’t take on.
The most notable capture this season was for Kelvin Ng from Hong Kong for landing 5 sailfish in a day on fly. Also thanks to the rest of the fly guys for landing sails on fly. Sean Morgan, Matt Henger, Scott Andersen, Eizo Maruhasi, Kojima n Ochihai.
The live bait gang did also do very well with Roy Burrell n gang and Yoshi n gang boating 18 in a day. Arthur n Angela Hawkins did 52 in five days.
Thanks also to Doug Olander n Rob Sherman from Sportfishing Magazine. We look forward to seeing the article next year.
Last but not least, our sincere thanks to our good friend Johnny Jensen ( ) for all the help n support these past few years.
We look forward to fishing again with u next year.
Ian Pinto & Dominic Pereira
Fishzone Sportfishing

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