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Hi All
15 February 2012 will go down in South Sea Safaris history book as one
of our best days ever. Gareth took a charter out to catch red
steenbras on the 45's, (a reef 45 Nm south of Struisbaai) You may
remember in my last fishing report I mentioned that MCM was about to
legislate a ban on the catching of red steenbras and if you still
wanted to catch one, now is the time. Well, some people took heed and
yesterday they went in search of the big ones. What they found blew
them away.

Details are still sketchy as I have not yet had a full update from
Gareth...........he could hardly speak last night. As far as I can
understand, they were about 9 miles short of the 45's when one of the
guys saw a marlin jump. Deciding to give it 20minutes or so, they put
in the marlin tackle and did not have to wait long. Five minutes later
they had a double strike, I do not know whether they got either of the
fish to the boat, as i said, the details were sketchy, but even if
they didn't, it did not matter. The fish went on a "pack attack" and
they ended up having 31 strikes for the day.

The final tally was five fish tagged, one fish got tailwrapped and I've got some marlin steaks coming. Ron Penningkoff
was out with us and it was his birthday. I cannot think of a better
birthday present than a day such as this one. Tim Bacon saw a fish
cruising past the boat and he threw a jig at it. The marlin ate it and
an hour later he tagged a stripey, caught on spinning tackle!!

I am sure people have had days where they caught more marlin than
Gareth did, but I personally do not know of any. It was truly a day
that will be remembered as one of our best. The only problem with the
day is "I WAS NOT THERE"
If anyone wants to catch a marlin......................need I say now
would be the time to book.
Till next time.
See you on the water.