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We are 3 weeks into the 2011 Tanzania Tiger Season and with 3 weeks to go to the start of the Okavango Catfish Run Season, we don’t need a docter in camp to confirm a significant increase in the number of cases of Tiger Fever this month! Even our most seasoned guides, who one would think are immune to “The Fever”, have been reported suffering from shaking hands, cold sweats, and weak knees at the size and ferocity of some of the fish to have come out so far!

Tanzania Season Underway

Three weeks into the season and the Tigerfish in the Mnyera and Ruhudji River’s are holding up their end of the bargain; and with the world class TF guides hard at work, guests are being treated to the sublime fishing they travel to Tanzania to experience.

We have a couple of cancellations for prime rods in the 2011 Tanzania season. Due to the late nature of these cancellations we are able to offer these rods at greatly reduced rates on a first come first serve basis.  I will leave you with an email from a Tim J who has recently returned from his first Tanzania Tigerfshing trip in case you need any convincing to apply for leave and take advantage of these last minute specials!

“Keith, I’ve fished several foreign destinations, and when people ask which fishing trip have I liked the best, I usually have to pause and think before I reply.  None of them have been the “dream trip” I had hoped for.  Until now.  All my expectations for Tanzanian Tigerfish were exceeded several times over with your operation.  My family was relieved how good my care was there, my mates are bright green with envy, and I’m still glowing from the experience.”

Tim J, USA.  Booked through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures -

For more pictures from the 2011 season have a look at the TF Facebook Page

Contact for more details.

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Okavango Catfish Run 2011

The guides head up to the Okavango to prepare for the season early next week.  As was the case last year, we are expecting another bumper season which  will extend well into November due to the good rains this year.  As per the last four seasons guests will be based at the beautiful Xaro Lodge. Fishing operations will be focused on the upper reaches of the Okavango River in the early season, and as the waters recede groups will begin making use of the mobile fly camping option to access waters further down stream. We have limited availability for groups of two to four from the 15th – 30th of October. 

Please contact if you wish to experience the phenomenon that is the Okavango Catfish Run, and the world class tiger fishing which it offers.

Farquhar Aoll, Seychelles 2011

After the amazing week we had on Farquhar earlier this year, we have teamed up with Seychelles Fly Fishing pioneers FlyCastaway to secure the folllowing prime week in the 2011/12 season:

16 Nov – 23 Nov (8 Rods)

For a truly eclectic flats fly fishing experience (GT’s, Bonefish, Triggerfish, Bump Head Parrot fish, and Milkfish amongst many), complimented by top class guiding, Farquhar is the place to be. Please contact for full details and have a look at the following Youtube clip for a taste of the action

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Keith, Rob and the TF crew