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At the moment, dependant on the time of the year, our site gets hits up to as high as 200 000 per month.
We have found that a lot of web-sites do not get much traffic operating out there on their own, but being in partnership with much larger web-site like Fishingowl with its daily hits, could be of financial benefit to your establishments occupation rates and statistics.

We can offer the following (prices are subject to change through out the year but contracts are binding for 12 months:)

1). If you have an existing site we can put a hyperlink on the Fish & Stay section, which will drive traffic directly to your site. example see shop-on-line here click here
The rates for hyperlinks is R150 + VAT per month on stop order for the period of 12 months. Contract renewable after 12 months and prices subject to change at any time.
2) a. We can create you a standard page listing your facilities and contact details on our website (limited to certain conditions please contact the above for more details) and the cost for this will be R450 per page + VAT. This is providing you supply all the copy/text and pictures.
If we have to take pictures or write copy or correct copy supplied the cost will be mutually agreed upon. Click here to see a sample

2)b.The hosting of your site will be R190 + VAT per month on stop order for the period of 12 months contract renewable in writing
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3). If you want us to create a complete site specifically for your accommodation and facilities for the anglers, the cost will be relative to the amount of work we have to perform.

4).Banner flash link. Inserted into an area that applies to your product
@ R2000.00 pm + VAT

Contact Trevor or Sue on +27(0)118941557