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Potjiekos is really the epitome of South African hospitablity; good food, good wine and good company

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It's a simple style of cooking with no airs and graces, using everyday ingredients to produce wholesome one-pot meals. Most of the recipes are relatively simple, and a fair amount of them, such as the bredies, are based on traditional Cape cooking, while the use of ginger, garlic and spices relects the Malay and Indian influences.

The Pot
A three-legged cast-iron pot with a handle is the most suitable, although a flat-bottomed cast-iron pot with a tightly fitting lid can be used instead provided it is placed on bricks or a sturdy metal tripod over an open fire. Usually, though, a flat-bottomed pot is used for the making of bread since its shape makes the removal of the bread much easier.

The book tells one about the fire, how to treat the pot, how to store your potjie a wonderful book on all you need to know about Potjiekos cooking. One thing I really would like to say though is that potjies should be cooked over a proper wood fire, and preferably not a fire made with any of the commercial charcoal products. Any kind of firewood can be used it does not affect the taste of the meat.

It is impossible for me to reproduce the whole book is these pages so I am going to link to some of my favourite recipes out of the book, but as you can see this will take sometime, so please keep returning to this index for the next recipe


Beef shin & three bean potjie
Topside pot roast
Oxtail with dumplings

Stuffed cabbage
Potjie meat loaf
Trip in Potjie


Mrs Brown's lamb curry
Potjie tomato bredie
Karoo potjie


Pork & bean potjie
Pork potjie with ginger sauce
Quince & pork potjie
Pork ribs with braai sauce


Hunter's pot
Ostrich fillet with guince
Venison shin in the pot


Duck & Pinapple potjie
Spiced chicken with yoghurt
Beatrice's chicken pot
Duck or chicken with gooseberries & port
Chutney chicken potjie


Mussel potjie
Cape Tuna potjie
Fish, spinach & mushroom potjie
Onion & Hake potjie


Vegetable potjie with cheesy topping
Instant bean potjie
Stowepatats (braised sweet potatoes)
Potjie roast potatoes
Stampkoring in the potjie


The book has the most wonderful bread recipes, but I have covered bread in
the main index for breads click here


Fruit potjie pudding
Potjie pureed pumpkin
Boer pudding
Vinegar pudding
Delicious potjie pudding
Banana vetkoek
Campfire coffee with a kick