Monte Cristo Sandwiches


Submitted By: Judy F.

It's easy to make these sandwiches in advance and then just fry them on your camp fire in a firing pan.


* Note: The quantities will depend on how many sandwiches you are making. *

sliced bread (regular sandwich bread works best due to square shape)
deli sliced honey or boiled ham
deli sliced turkey
deli sliced swiss cheese
canned pineapple slices
2 to 3 cups corn flakes semi-crushed
2 eggs
1 cup milk
rasberry jam (or your favorite flavor)
cooking oil


Make the sandwiches by layering the turkey, ham, cheese, and pineapple slices (blotted on kitchen roll/paper towel to remove excess moisture ).Cut the sandwiches diagonally to form triangles. Wrap the sandwhiches tightly and semi-freeze them to keep them from falling apart while working with them. When you are ready to fry them, beat the egg and milk into a light mixture. Dip the sandwichs in the egg mixture, covering all surfaces. Then cover in corn flakes. Repeat this process one more time. Put toothpicks into the sandwhich halves to secure if necessary. If you are deep frying the sandwiches, submerge and cook for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 minutes on med-high heat or until the cornflakes are golden brown. Remove and allow to drain. If you are pan-frying the sandwiches; follow the recipe above, making sure the oil is hot enough to prevent sticking but not too hot to burn the bottoms. Fry on each side for about 45 seconds or until golden brown. Again drain on kitchen roll/paper towels.

Serve with a side of rasberry jam for dipping. Yummy Yum.