The largest Angling/Fishing site in Africa

For those cold winter nights standing by your rods waiting for that bite.
Instead of keeping your hands in your pockets and hopping from one foot to the other, why not try this winter special and afterwards keep your hands warm around a hot steaming mug

Hot Chocolate Drink

1st get your favourite fishing mug and put into the mug the following:

4 scooped tea spoons of drinking chocolate (or similar)

2 tea spoons of brown sugar

Fill the mug three quarters the way with full fresh cream milk topped up with water

Mix together well with a spoon

And pour the mixture into a sauce pan and put on the fire, stirring all the time until it comes to the boil take off the heat before it bubbles over


Into the mug pour two tots of good rum and then pour the hot chocolate liquid on top of the rum, stir to blend it all together and drink.

Yummy, you will sleep like a log and fish all night in your dreams