Savoury Fillings

° Cream cheese, cucumber and finely chopped onion

° Ham, mayonnaise and mustard

° Liver sausage, mayonnaise and mustard

° Mustard, avocado pear and French dressing

° Cooked meat, grated carrot and mayonnaise

° Peanut butter, marmite and chopped parsley

° Cooked meat, sliced thinly, chutney and tomato sauce

° Cream cheese and green pepper

° Cream cheese and chopped walnuts or any nuts you fancy
   (not the old man)

° Cream cheese and chopped celery

° Corned beef, watercress and mayonnaise

° Chopped tongue, mayonnaise and red cabbage

° Chopped egg, sardines and mayonnaise

° Sardines mashed with lemon juice and seasoned

° Hard boiled egg mixed with anchovy sauce

° Thin slices of cheese spread with chutney

° Scrambled egg cooked with ham or bacon

° Peanut butter spread with crisp crumbled bacon

° Tinned Salmon/Tuna mixed with mayonnaise

° Tinned Salmon/Tuna, finely chopped onion and dash of vinegar

You can add fresh tomatos, cucumber, lettice, thinly sliced apples
to any of the above fillings