Chocolate Cake
(no flour)
to Die for
You will need

Lots of the very best you can get bittersweet chocolate

50 mls Castor Sugar

12 eggs separated

30 gms unsalted butter

really good whipping cream

Melt the chocolate slowly do not over heat, take off the heat and add the butter and sugar

have the beaten egg yolks ready whisk into the chocolate mix (you have to work quickly at this point whilst the choc is still liquid)

have the beaten egg whites ready add another 30 gms castor sugarmust be whisked until peaks form

fold the chocolate mix into the egg whites

keep one third of the mixture for the topping of the cake after baking

pre-heat oven 150 centigrade

grease baking pan (removable base) and line the base and sides with grease proof paper

cook in the middle of the oven for plus minus 40 minutes

whip the cream until thick and fold into the rest of the mixture

when ready take the cake/soufflé out of the oven

the cake will drop in the middle sightly, fill up with the rest of the mixture and spread all over the top of the cake

EAT either warm or cold

just divine try it