More people die in Africa as a result of bee-stings than snakebites.

Despite this it is important to be aware of what snakes are dangerous, so that in the unlikely event of being bitten you can advise the doctor to ensure that the correct serum can be administered.

When out and about in the wild anglers should actually have a copy of the excellent guide "Snakes & snake bite in Southern Africa " written by Johan Marais. The pics are great and the do's and don'ts are easily understandable. The guide is obtainable at most reputable bookshop.

For those who would like to study these fascinating creatures in more detail a copy of Johan's book "Snakes and snake bite in Southern Africa" is a must. Published by Struik Publishers (pty) Ltd.

Here at Fishingowl we would like to thank the Author and his publishers, who have kindly allowed us to put up the South African snakes on the web-site.

To those youngsters would like to keep snakes as a hobby it is imperative that they realise that it takes a lot of hard work and knowledge and the first step is to join a club.

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