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Organization: Sea Adventures
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:27:03 +0300
Subject: Fishing news from Sea Adventures .. - latest fishing results ..

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Hello All,

A happy new year to you all and we look forward to hopefully a peaceful and prosperous one at that. Since Christmas the marlin fishing has been outstanding, particularly in that period between Christmas and new year and the first ten days of January.

The marlin were attacking the lures with real conviction in doubles, triples, quadruples and more. Keeping hold of more than one at a time is not always easy particularly when the fish are hooked up on 30 or even 20-lb line, but hell it is exciting.

"Kamara II" was getting the best of the luck and three times had 4 marlin in a day and once had 5 marlin. On 28th December Peter Kern of Betty's Camp fishing with his foreman, Isaac Gatubi caught 4 marlin and missed a couple more. We followed this up with 4 marlin on 3rd January, then on 5th and on 8th tagged 5 marlin.

On 2nd January "Broadbill" tagged a very nice stripey estimated at 190-lb caught on a 30-lb line for Daniel Martinet from France. This is the biggest stripey taken on 30-lb line in Kenya and great to have tagged it and left it to grow even bigger.

The following day on 3rd a group of 5 French anglers started fishing using both the bigger boats. Gilles Perrain and partner Laurence Buisson had a great start on "Kamara II" with 4 striped marlin and 1 sailfish.

Then on 5th Marilyn Mazy, Laurence and Christian Binazzi teamed up on "Kamara II" and caught 4 more striped marlin. At one stage we had a double header with Christian's fish on a 50 going one way and Laurence's fish on a 20 going completely the opposite direction. At one stage both fish were jumping 500m behind and in front of the boat. With some good luck and careful fishing we managed to tag both fish. Laurence did particularly well and I was most impressed with her patience.

6/1 - the above group had a day off and Patrick Petriconi also from France fished with me on "Kamara II" tagging 2 striped marlin and 2 sailfish in the day. "Broadbill" also had a stripey for Justin Bodle from England.
7/1 - Marilyn, Laurence and Christian did it again with 3 striped marlin on "Broadbill" this time, a triple header of which they got the lot. But, for "Kamara II" dreadful, my first day without a billfish since the beginning of December. But that was too much for us and the following day "Kamara II" made up for missing out by tagging 5 striped marlin for Gilles, Laurence and Christian. We had quite a few other strikes that perhaps we ought to have had but 5 is still our best on "Kamara II" thus far.

The 9th was this particular French groups last day and both Gilles and Stephan were particularly hoping for a black marlin, the only one they had yet to catch plus Laurence was hoping for her first sail. Gilles and Laurence were fishing with Pat on "Broadbill" and first Laurence caught her first sailfish and then on the way home Gilles hooked in to a very acrobatic black marlin on 5-=lb line that he tagged estimated at 250-lb. Unfortunately I was not able to do as well for Stephan but still he caught a stripey.

After that date the charters and fishing slowed up a bit although Pat went to Pemba for 5 days with Helgardt Muller looking for a stripey on fly. They did hook one briefly but unfortunately the tippet popped almost immediately. His colleague did manage to catch one stripey on conventional gear plus a 31-kg giant trevally and a 17-kg dog-tooth tuna. There have also been some very big dorado caught including one of 21-kg for a Belgian angler staying at the Funzi Keys Resort. Henrik Kruger also caught one of 19-kg and a visiting boat had one of around 20-kg.

Last week was very rough and the fishing was very poor. Three guys from Joburg fishing this week drew a blank on their first two days apart from some dorado but on the 3rd day Henrik Kruger tagged his first striped marlin and Albertus van Brakel had a sailie the same day on "Broadbill". Then yesterday, the 28th Albertus caught his first stripey and then later in the day colleague Robbie Black also caught his first marlin on "Kamara II". Yesterday was a great improvement with 2 marlin on each of three boats out and quite a few other strikes plus one boat released an estimated 600-lb tiger shark. Today henrik caught another marlin on "Broadbill".

The fishing is certainly looking up again and there is an increase in the numbers of bait fish with schools of small bonito moving in. there are also lots of squid over by Pemba so lots to hold the fish here.

We still have days available in February in "KAMARA" at a reduced rate of $450 per full day.

Best wishes,