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Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 11:37 PM
Subject: Argus Newpapers "Something fishy" column

Hi Chad and Kim

I thought I would let you know that Stuart Henshilwood fishing off the boat INDULGENCE last week landed a fly caught yellowfin tuna of 58.45 Kg using a Shilton #7 reel with gelspun backing and a Horizon #12 rod.

This feat features heavily in my something fishy column in the Argus newspaper this Friday and if the editor includes what I wrote there will be a good punt for the locally manufactured reel. I will send you a copy of the article if it is published as written.

There is also a report on the fish and the tackle used on the newsletter of the Cape Piscatorial society. Go to www.piscator.co.za <http://www.piscator.co.za/>  and visit the news page.

Regards Tim (Rolston)

Subject: Shilton Fly Reels prove themselves yet again ! (Argus Newpapers "Something fishy" column)

Hi there,
Something of interest ! These awesome reels are truly worthy of the utmost praise.
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