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If you wish to find out about the endangered status of the fish you plan to have on your dish... the answer should be an SMS away.

The Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (Sassi) has set up a number to which fish eaters can SMS the name of the species they are considering to order and find out whether or not it's endangered.

"It's called Sassi FishMS and it puts the Worldwide Fund for Nature's knowledge of seafood resources at your thumb-tips," the green sea organisation said on Monday.

The number is 079-499-8795.

"You'll immediately get a message telling you whether to tuck in, think twice or avoid completely," said Sassi co-ordinator Jaco Barendse.

"(It) distils information on the status of local seafood species into one of three colour categories, much like a traffic light.”

"Species marked with a green fish can generally be eaten with a clear conscience because their population numbers are healthy.”

"Orange means they're legal to sell, but if you have a choice you should opt for one of the "green" species.”

"Species marked in red are illegal to buy or sell in South Africa."

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