Standard Bank (pty) Ltd

Warning - Taken from the Self-service banking newsletter

Avoid using an Internet café for banking   

It is important to try to avoid using an Internet café to do your banking. Criminals can easily load spyware and key-logging software on computers in Internet cafés, then come back and retrieve your card number, customer-selected PIN and password making it easy for them to steal your money.

If you choose to use an Internet café, please ensure that you are registered for:

One-time password, which will prevent any unauthorised transactions on your account. Notifications service which will notify you when you log onto Internet banking, load or amend beneficiaries, amend your Internet banking profile and make once-off payments.

As more secure options to an Internet café, you can make use of one of the Internet kiosks in selected branches. Alternatively, if you are away from your computer, you can make use of our AutoPlus machines, which are located throughout the country, cellphone or telephone banking.

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