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It would be really nice if someone could tell me what happened to the year that was 2011.
Much has happened at The Fly Shop, we have moved to the upper level in the same shopping centre now known as Hobart Grove. We are next to the Total Garage, off William Nicol in Hobart Road (S 26? 03.782’ E 028? 01.529’)
The other good news is that Dylan Isaacs has rejoined us after a five year flyfishing sabbatical, Dylan is a very talented fly-fisher and tyer and brings a fresh younger approach and relates to our clients both young and old. He has fished extensively in both fresh and saltwater for a variety of species and is always happy to assist and dispense advice. Dylan has already tied some very interesting flies for trout, saltwater and yellowfish and we will be adding these to our already, exciting, effective and exclusive range. Speaking of flies I recently made an interesting and surprising discovery when in one of the dark corners of my fly box I found a black cricket pattern lurking with intent. Having fished it now for more than a year on Sterkfontein Dam, I can confirm that it is a deadly pattern which has more than held its own against the “Good Doctors Beetle and his more recently introduced Grass Hopper pattern”. Speaking of the “Good Doctors Beetles and Hoppers” The Fly shop are now the exclusive stockists of both these patterns and demand has been overwhelming. These flies are tied by the “Good Doctor” himself and are tied on exceptional quality Grip barbless hooks.
May I make a suggestion that we all fish Barbless for all sorts of reasons, the most important being that it causes very little to no  damage to the fish, I have long held the belief that ALL FLY HOOKS AND FLIES SHOULD BE BARBLESS for both fresh and saltwater applications, barbs are so out dated and old school.
 As far as I’m concerned you should not be going anywhere near Sterkfontein Dam without these and some other flies we would gladly let you have when you pop in to see us. The beetles and hoppers have also been very successful on other yellowfish and trout venues. Obviously small nymphs have also been successful, although I am a firm believer that Sterkfontein Dam is a World Class sight-fishing destination best fished with dry flies. The Fly Shop has already conducted three very successful 3 day weekend client trips to Sterkfontein Dam this season, hosted by The Fly Shops Mark Yelland and guided by Dennis De Klerk. Dennis introduced Mark to the Dam in 1988 and knows it better than anybody he knows, please see additional dates for guided and hosted trips to Sterkfontein Dam for 2012.
The Fly Shop has undoubtedly the finest range of flies in the country for a variety of fresh and saltwater species and remember should you not be able to visit us we will gladly post a selection of flies to you, regardless of where you are. Not content to just have run of the mill flies The Fly Shop have introduced and imported flies that are not available anywhere else, Mark has always maintained that if he is not happy fishing the shop flies, why should his clients be and fishes shop flies exclusively. Mark has been in the specialized fly-fishing retail business for 23 years, the longest serving member in the industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge, having fished 25 countries on 5 continents for a variety of fresh and saltwater species and is more than happy to share his knowledge with you. Not to mention the fact that his knowledge of tackle and flies is unsurpassed. He has also been selected for the Protea Flyfishing team, an incredible 10 times in succession and won a silver medal at South Africa’s first attempt at the World Championships in Sweden 2001. Mark was selected to captain the Protea’s to Poland in 2010 after which he retired from competitive flyfishing still rated in the top two in the country.
The Fly Shop is owned and run by hardcore fly-fishers with an easy going attitude and are as passionate about flyfishing as they are about their clients, many of whom have become good friends. The Fly Shop has a well earned reputation for dispensing Sound Honest Advise which seems to be in short supply these days. Call in to say hello, enjoy a cuppa and experience “The Fly Shop” welcome!!
The fishing on the Vaal River and Sterkfontein Dam has been nothing short of phenomenal, the vast majority of it being sight fishing with dry flies. Some very good fish were caught on the Vaal with nymphs with some fish in the 3-4kg category! Contrary to popular belief the Vaal has bounced back, “despite mans best efforts” to poison and destroy this “WORLD CLASS FISHERY”. We have planned a Largemouth and Small mouth dry fly workshop in May (Dates to be confirmed), please mail me if you are interested. An interesting observation while conducting these trips to Sterkfontein and the Vaal is that often the casting lets the clients down. Mark is regarded as the leading fly casting instructor in the country and would welcome the opportunity to improve your skills, before embarking on one of these exciting trips, it will greatly enhance your skills and your flyfishing enjoyment.

Please see dates for Sterkfontein (Sight Fishing with Dry Flies and Nymphs) – Guided by Dennis De Klerk and hosted by Mark Yelland
Friday 25th November – 27th November 2011 (Full)
Friday 13th January – Sunday 15th (Full)
Friday 20th January – Sunday 22nd (Full)
Friday 17th February – Sunday 19th (Space Available)
Tuesday 20th March – Thursday 22nd (Space Available)
Tuesday 23rd March – Thursday 25th (Space Available)
Saturday 20th April – Monday 22nd (Space Available)
Natal Midlands (Lake fishing for Trophy Rainbows, float tubes and wading)
Friday 18th May – Sunday 20th (Space Available)
Wakkerstroom (Small and Large Scale Yellows on the Pongola and Assegai Rivers with Horst Filter)
Friday 15th June – Sunday 17th (Space Available)
Friday 29th June – Sunday 1st July (Space Available)
All these trips will be hosted by Mark Yelland and guided where indicated.
Tight Lines
Mark Yelland and The Fly Shop Team
011 706 3894/0482
083 616 0505 (Mark)