Hydrocynus vittatus

This indigenous carnivorous game fish is respected for its excellent aerobatic fighting abilities. The saying goes that where you find crocodiles you find the tiger. Like the croc there is something awe-inspiring and medieval about the tigerfish.

This fish is a vibratory and sight feeder. It can be caught on brightly coloured lures or spoons trolled, or retrieved with a medium spinning rig. The lure or bait must be tied with steel trace to obviate it being bitten off.

Drift or bottom fished fish fillet sometimes proves effective. It is advisable to exercise care when attempting to remove the hook to obviate losing one's fingers .

Because the flesh contains numerous small pointed bones it is not often eaten.

The best times to fish for this species are usually early morning and late afternoon. Tigerfish are found in the hotter areas and the best catches are made in the summer months when the rivers are not running too dirty.

Flyfishing for the tiger will test the anglers skill to the limit,


says "Fisherman who fools with crocodile or hippo endangers the lives of himself and others".