Creature Feature

Claim:   Photographs show unusual deep-sea creatures washed up by the December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Status:   False ( An internet Hoax)

The truth is:

As everyone knows, the tsunami in Southeast Asia was devastating both in the loss of life and economically to the region. However now that the clean up is underway in the region, deep sea creatures that live too deep to be studied are being found scattered throughout the wreckage. These creatures were washed up on shore when the waves hit.

Amazing what lives so far below the surface isn't it? It is ironic how terrible human tragedy and natural disaster can lead to unprecedented expansion of scientific knowledge.

The theory is the tsunami created enough vertical currents to sweep these deep living creatures to the surface quickly. The gases in their blood expanded rapidly causing death (like divers ascending too quickly).

Origins:   It seems like any unusual or remarkable photographs connected with oceanic phenomena are being attributed to the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, and this collection of pictures is more of the same.

Although they are genuine images of some rather strange deep-sea creatures, these photographs have nothing to do with the Indian Ocean tsunami. They date from mid-2003 and were taken as part of the NORFANZ voyage, a joint Australian-New Zealand research expedition conducted in May-June 2003 to explore deep sea habitats and biodiversity in the Tasman Sea. These photographs can be viewed on Australia's National Oceans Office web site.

an Aphyonus

Basketwork eel

Black Dragonfish

Blind Lobster

Blob Fish

Carrier Shell

Chimaera Fish

Chimaera Pup




Firefly Squid



Lizard Fish

Oreo Dory

Prickly Shark

Sea Spider

shovel Nosed Lobster


Stone Crab

Swimmer Crab

Tongue Sole

Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel.