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The following amusing and un-edited (PG advised) articles have been kindly
submitted by journalist Wolf Avni with the permission of The Natal Witness newspaper. For the edited versions please contact the Natal Witness.

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Aquatic Invertebrates & other photos

The Articles are displayed in blocks in Alphabetical order

Natural Selection
Simply messing about
Snow Job
Start at the top & work your way up
Slick-City Success
Take paradise and put up a parking lo
The Aliens have Landed
The Best time to go fishing
The Heart of the Hunter
The Jerk at the end of the Line
The low-down melancholic bunny-hugger fisherman-blues
The main Event
Fish 2 Fry The Quintessential Fly-Fisher
The Right Fly
The Woman who caused all the trouble
Tie The Dog Loose2
Trout is just a four letter word
Trout like Mullet

Tarka The Rotter

Theories of imitation
It only hurts when I laugh The Little Things
Keeping a Secret You should have been here next week
Less is More Use it or Lose it
  Window of Opportunity
  Wanna Rumble anyone