Someone once said that

"wetlands are boggy, smelly stretches of land that breed hordes of mosquitos. They should be drained, they should be ploughed, they should be filled and then planted with "decent" flowers or better still build a road upon them, oh yes! they can also be used to take the populations discarded rubbish". (Moron circa 1067 BC)

No! noways! No! noways!

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and read all about why it is imperative that wetlands must be conserved at all costs - they are the lifeblood of mother earth.

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World Wetlands Day

We have put up 4 pictures of wetlands reproduced from original's by Heather Theron.

"Who but the greedy would like to mess with these wonders of nature?".

"fishingowl says don't mess with mother
natures sponges, lest you be left high and dry in a wasteland"